Cookie Policy

Last Updated: 02/28/2022

1. Our Cookie Policy

(1) General rules

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., its affiliated companies, or its agents (“KHI”) may use cookies on the websites (“Site”), that are established and operated by KHI, to provide more relevant information to our customers (“you”) and to measure and analyze the Site.

This Cookie Policy applies to all users of the Site. Cookies can be disabled in your browser settings; however, you may not be able to use some of the contents by doing so.

This Cookie Policy describes the types of cookies used on the Site and how to change your browser settings.

(2) About our Privacy Policy

In connection with this Cookie Policy, KHI has established a separate policy regarding the handling of personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy on the Site for more information.

2. What is a cookie?

A cookie refers to a technology that places a small data file (information) on your computer or other devices through your web browser when you access a website. Cookies enable websites to identify you when you revisit the same websites.

3. Cookies used on the Site

(1) First-party and third-party cookies

All cookies belong to a pre-specified domain. While first-party cookies are cookies issued by the Site’s domain, third-party cookies are issued by third-party domains other than the Site’s.

(2) Session cookies and persistent cookies

Cookies can be either session cookies or persistent cookies, depending on how long they last. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are stored on your device only while you are browsing a website. On the other hand, persistent cookies remain stored on your device until they reach a set expiration date or until you delete them from your browser.

4. Why KHI uses cookies

The Site uses the following types of cookies:

(1) Essential cookies

Essential cookies are required to browse the Site and use the features offered on the Site. These cookies are also used to log a user’s activities within a single browsing session.

(2) Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies are used by KHI or third-party service providers to collect information about the usage of the Site, such as web analytics. These cookies help us understand which pages you visit, how long you visit, whether or not error messages are displayed, and how you access the Site to improve the Site’s performance.
KHI uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service offered by Google Inc., on some pages of the Site to understand the site usage and provide you a better website. The data obtained by Analytics will be used only for site operation purposes such as improving the Site. For more information about Google Analytics, please visit the official website.

(3) Functional cookies

Functional cookies are used to store the user’s site settings in order to provide you with more optimized content. These cookies allow us to collect information on your site behaviors (e.g., account information, language preferences, access regions) and provide services tailored to your preferences.

(4) Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies are used to store your site browsing history to remember your interests and behaviors within the Site. These cookies store your access information and attribute information at the time of login to provide information tailored to your preferences in terms of content and ad personalization.

5. Your cookie settings

(1) Selection in the Advanced Cookie Settings menu

The Site provides a function that allows you to set whether to allow or disable your cookies based on your preferences. Please see Advanced Cookie Settings on the Site for more information.

(2) Setting cookies in your browser

Your browser allows you to set cookie preferences, such as allowing or disabling cookies. You can also delete the cookies on your device from your browser. Please refer to the help page of the browser you are using for the actual setting instructions. However, please note that disabling the cookies may interfere with the display and operation of the Site.

6. Changes to this Cookie Policy

Please note that the content of this Cookie Policy is subject to change at any time. If any changes are made, the latest Cookie Policy will be posted on the Site.

7. Inquiries about this Cookie Policy

If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact us from Contact page on the Site.